Looking for Moss

This week has been fabulous for dog walking. Sunny, getting a bit chilly as the week progresses but I can live with that. It is February after all. Monday was the gloomiest but we had a great time visiting a local enclosure.

We decided to go off track a bit as I wanted to get some decent images of moss and lichens for an idea forming in the shape of ceramic boxes. The Dog (TD) loved it, she went flying around smelling smells, chasing things that may, or may not, have been there. I had to scramble over bracken and brambles, bits of wood to find our way back to the path, startling a lady and her two dogs as we emerged from the undergrowth. ” Morning” I said which is usual even if I don’t know someone. She looked at me a bit strange but returned the greeting.

We took another route which was really, really muddy and not a good time discover a hole in ones welly and headed back to the car. Bumping into the same lady we had a little chat. Back in the car I glanced in the mirror only to find blood all over my top lip, it was already dry but realised what the strange look was for. No real damage just caught the side of my nose on a bramble or similar. I know, I know, I am the epitome of style and grace. All worth it though for a collection of photos of mass and lichen and TD ‘s best walk of the week.

All photos are copyright to Sally Ovenden/ JustSOStudio unless otherwise stated


A little bit about me

I am a collector. Things, thoughts, worries, words, I collect them all. I spend a lot of my time trying to sort them all out and daily dog walks are a good time attempt this task. It doesn’t always work, there are some days when I just end up adding to the collection.

This is a personal blog: Treasures I’ve found, problems solved and lots of different ideas to try and sort.

First, a bit about me. I am happily married with two children and a cocker spaniel. Apart from a few years away at college, I have always lived in the New Forest National Park, in the south of England. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

It’s harder than you think to put down on paper the random thoughts and ideas that run through my head during my daily walks with my beloved hound. Some days I don’t really want to go out but can’t deny her the favourite part of her day. Other days I can’t wait to go out. Time passes so quick, it’s hard to believe we have been walking for an hour or more. Living in the New Forest is such a luxury and to have all that space to explore is, well, just so fantastic.

I’ll tell you stories of walks, thoughts and the collections I make throughout the year.

Let the journey begin

Sally x