Hi my name is Sally Ovenden, I’m currently working from home as a potter, ceramist, ceramic artist, there’s a collection of words right there to describe what I do all meaning very much the same thing. I am also a wife and mother to two wonderful children although they probably should be classed as grown up now, but to me, they’re still my kids! I also have the most gorgeous cocker spaniel who is nearly six at the time of writing but still thinks she is a puppy. There’s nothing quite as busy as a spaniel, always on the go but always by your side.

I’ve always collected things although my husband would call it ” hoarding”, on my walks I collect interesting bits of wood, stones, shells, leaves, photos and numerous thoughts. I also love words and idioms along with their meanings and origins. I’ve been meaning to get all this written down for such a long time so now is the right time. I hope to create a story of my collections, whether they are things, thoughts and about pottery too.


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